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"As much as we know a city

much less we understand it”

Wim Wenders in Lisbon Story making of



Historical Layers

This walking tour will show and explain the different historic layers at some monuments or places visited.



Up the Hill by Funicular

This walking tour will take us to one of the oldest inhabited hills of Lisbon: Bairro Alto.



The Five Senses Adventure

This will be a full day journey, which will take us to a discovering ride around the city.



Around Lisbon

Lisbon, Tagus River and the Atlantic shaped an astonishing region…




Around Lisbon

Lisbon, the Tagus River and the Atlantic Ocean

Hello. My name is Miguel Cardoso. I live in Lisbon for more than forty years and I will be your guide. Actually, I grew up in Almada, in the southern bank of Tagus, just in front of Lisbon. I grew up watching the big city from afar, longing the day it would reveal me all its secrets. As I became a teenager, I would cross the river by boat just to lose myself in the city, to feel its smells, to be surprised by the astonishing diversity of the crowd. Lisbon is a captivating town, not only by its historical center but also by its entire surrounding region.

Lisbon’s surroundings make this city one of most exciting capitals to live in. I shall not mention Sintra or Cascais: they are obvious examples, although unmissable ones. I will show you and tell you some things that many “lisboetas” do not know: Alcochete, a charming little fishing town, on the southern bank of Tagus; Ericeira, a beautiful town boarding the Atlantic, which the strength of the sea contributed to its status of one of the world’s most wanted surfing spot; Meco, a beach virtually unspoiled, that ends a thirty kilometer coastline; Azeitão, a small village surrounded by vineyards, XVth century palaces and old traditions; Palmela, with its beautiful XIIth century castle that overlooks the great capital; the beautiful beaches of Setúbal, Arrábida and Sesimbra, with its transparent-clear waters, where the dolphins come to play; Mafra, with its astonishing and famous convent-palace, the most important baroque monument in Portugal.

All these places are about a thirty minutes drive from Lisbon. They represent authenticity, the one that can only be found outside the mass tourist circuits. Lisbon is an urban center that has a thousand stories, many of them from a thousand years. But the true responsible for all the world that the city always had and still has can be easily named: Tagus and the Atlantic sea.

The river Tagus always has been an arrival point – Phoenicians, Romans, Arabs – and also a departure place to the distant seas of Africa, India and Americas. But, more importantly, it was the vital artery that united this entire region.

So, and after this said, let me conclude with a belief and an invitation: a proper visit to Lisbon has to include a boat crossing of the Tagus and of course, feel also the magnificent strength of the Atlantic sea. Follow the links above and let us know which emotions you want to feel visiting this incredible region.

Lisbon walking tours Lisbon walking tours Lisbon walking tours Lisbon walking tours


This walking tours project has a simple concept: to include the non-obvious on the Lisbon visitor experience. And with all my acquaintances, friends and our entire network we’ll provide some of the answers that I wish to give you.

We will offer to the visitor all the history and stories that can be found on every guide or on the internet; but most of all, we will include him in the everyday living of the people of Lisbon.

The modern traveler has many sources of information, whether by books or by internet. But, although most of that information is correct, it is also relatively stagnant.

This, of course, cannot have any relation to the real dynamics of a city – an European capital, at that –, where the human and cultural inflows are permanent.

The non-obvious has to be born from the incessant curiosity, the incessant search of these dynamics that every day find new interests; but it will also be what is left untouched, like some ruins that nobody cares about.

The answers that we seek to give to my clients are in the middle of the community and therefore one has to live intensely in it.

We will walk and discover the historic center, with details and curiosities about those who built this society. But we will also see and feel what is not on the tourist guides.

The traveler will have a more intense experience when sharing emotions with the places he will visit. And this experience will better and easier if doe away from the hustle and bustle of the main touristic circuit.

At the end of our tours the visitors should describe their experience mostly with the emotions that they felt.


Lisbon since the Iron Era until the Christian Reconquest – a city always involved with the world globalization.

To understand Lisbon’s development since the iron Era it’s fundamental to know the importance of Tagus and its hinterland.

Tagus is the most important natural harbour at the occidental part of Iberian Peninsula.

Tagus was also very important as a trade route in this hinterland; it connected a lot of different communities surrounded by fertile lands which helped a lot to fix populations around.






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Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Lisboa (SCML) was created by Queen Leonor, in 1498, and it was a Brotherhood dedicated to Our Lady of Mercy with “a hundred man with good reputation, a sane spirit and an honest life”, committed to support the underprivileged and to defend social values, thus performing the “Works of Mercy”. It is currently the oldest working NGO in the world, if not the first – not supervised by the Church, nor the State.

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